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The Story of Diosdado "Dado" Banatao from Iguig, Cagayan

Diosdado "Dado" Banatao is a Filipino Entrepreneur and engineer working in the high-tech industry. He was born in a small barrio of Malabbac in the town of Iguig, Cagayan, Philippines. A three-time start-up veteran, he co-founded Mostron, Chips and Technologies, and S3 Graphics. 

Banatao developed the first single-chip graphical user interface accelerator that made computers work a lot faster. This invention has allowed computer users to use graphics for commands and not the usual typed commands in older computers. It has allowed data processing to be a little faster using very little space (small chips instead of large boards).

After college, he turned down a lot of job offers including an offer from Meralco after knowing the starting salary; He later pursued and applied in Philippine Airlines as a trainee pilot. However, he was pirated by Boeing and worked as design engineer for the company’s new commercial airliner and cargo transport aircraft, Boeing 747, in the United States. With the opportunity of staying in the United States, he then took his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Stanford University and finished in 1972 in order to enhance his craft.

After finishing his master’s degree, Banatao worked with different technology companies such as the National Semiconductor, Intersil, and Commodore International where he designed the first single chip, 16-bit microprocessor-based calculator. In 1981, he discovered and invented the first 10-Mbit Ethernet CMOS with silicon coupler data-link control and transreceiver chip while working in SEEQ Technology. He was also credited for the first system logic chip set for IBM’s PC-XT and the PC-AT; the local bus concept and the first Windows Graphics accelerator chip for personal computers. 

Watch his life story below:

Watch the Story of Dado Banatao: Credits to PhilDev Foundation

Source: Google/Facebook/Photo (c) to owners


  1. Good article, but grammar needs a lot of improvement.

    1. Joobie, forget about the grammar or spelling, whats important is how he conveys the story for all of us as an inspiration and to be proud of being a filipino bringing the talents without boundary.


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